The Partnachklamm in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area is a small gorge where waters thunders through, creating an incredible feeling about the power of nature.
The sun was trying to get through the morning clouds... the cold was penetrating but the view was grandiose
Ice cold water flowing down the mountain, at the edge of turning into ice... feel the cold?
Thundering waters into the gorge making its way between the cold rocks, nature showing its beautiful powers
As each night freezes dripping water from the mountain, ice falls build up and play with the sun rays reaching through the rocks
A twig, a rock... you get a sculpture
Like in a cave, water drips from the ceiling of passages, making a multitude of icicles, each bouncing the light reaching from upwards
As water drops freeze, new ice formations build up, with grace and beauty
In other areas, snow and ice create ice sculptures that only nature can design
Finally the river frees itself from the mountain, leaving behind a cold, translucent world of ice and natural wonders that will only live for a few months

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