After the winter comes the sun

The woods are waking up after the winter. Light comes and warms the forest, sprouting with life, getting is colours back. 

On this early April Sunday morning, the light is still low and filters through the trees still bare of new leaves, making awesome shadows and providing energising warmth to the forest floor.
The green moss that shielded the ground during the long winter comes to life with new plants, thankful for the humidity and nutrients kept ready during the cold months.
Old tree stumps act as pedestals, like hairy heads on the old wood... life sprouts as the sun rays reach the ground.
Trees waiting for their new leaves start to warm up in the sun...
...where the leaves from last autumn lay for the rebirth of the forest.
Old fallen trees will give new life as...
...the forest will put on its new colourful displays ready for the summer.

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